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Our Family


I went to college to study Pre-Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 1984.  In 1981 I helped a Breeder deliver a litter of eight beautiful black Labrador Retriever puppies in my effort to learn more about becoming a Vet. The Breeder gave my family a puppy and this was the beginning of my love for Labrador Retrievers.


I have had several Labs since then, but didn’t get serious about breeding until 1992 when I purchased a female black Lab from Debbie Allmon of Duck’s Run Retrievers in Lafayette GA.  LaClair’s Little Sammy Too has been the founding bitch of my kennel and was bred to FC & AFC J. K.’s Creekside Hey Paco producing, from three litters: Cold Brook's Ashes In The Wind (Ashley - ’95), Cold Brook's Hockey Puck, Jr. (Junior - ‘96), Cold Brook’s Hey Li’l Jessie (Jessie - ’96), Cold Brook's Feel’n Just Ducky (Dannielle - ’97) and Cold Brook's Tail Gate Party  (Patty - '97).

In 1998 Sammy was bred to Lucyana's JK Not Willie and we kept a black female, Cold Brook's Lucyana's Lady (Lady - '98).  Sammy is now retired from breeding.

I adopted a female chocolate Lab, Robby’s Littlelady (Sandy - ’92), from a family who could not properly care for her. After an abortion of unwanted puppies and two years of taking care of a serious ear infection requiring two major surgeries, she was finally given a clean bill of health. She is back to getting into the water with "gusto" and living life without ear pain. She has been bred twice producing Cold Brook's Chocolate Covered Cherry (Sherry - ’95) and Cold Brook's Afternoon Delite (Molly - ’96).  Sandy has also been retired from breeding.

In 1999 Sherry was bred to Nougat III and we kept a chocolate female for our daughter and named her Scooby Doo, Cold Brook's Scooby Doo after her favorite cartoon dog.  In 2001 Sherry was bred to HRCH UH Elmgren's Gumbo Special and had her puppies Jan 3, 2002.  We kept two females and name one Daisy, Cold Brook's Driv'n Miss Daisy and the other, Dixie, Cold Brook's Whistling Dixie

On September 26, 2001 our chocolate stud was born.  He is from Riverchase Labradors and his name is Duke, Riverchase Duke of Cold Brook.  He is an English chocolate male with a show champion pedigree.  We plan to show him and train him for hunting.

In 2002 Jessie was bred to HRCH UH Elmgren's Gumbo Special and we kept a black male and named him Cold Brook's Gumbo Junior, and we call him Junior.

And, of course, we can't leave out Peabody and Catbert.  These are our two male (neutered) cats we adopted.  They were raised with our labs and think they are part lab.  They even have to play with the water when drinking.

I rescued Peabody from the city dump just before he was about to get buried alive.  I was helping a friend (who didn't have a truck) to haul scrap metal to the dump.  When we were unloading the truck, I could hear a kitten crying.  I looked and followed the sounds and found a tiny kitten that someone had apparently thrown in the trash - how terrible!!!  He was a little thin, but not wild and did not have any eye infections typical of stray kittens - so apparently he had been around people - terrible people!  I just couldn't leave him there, I couldn't find any of his brothers or sisters and hated to think about what happened to them.  I took him home and nursed him to good health and tried to find him a new home.  He was such a wonderful cat, so I decided to keep him.

We rescued Catbert from the streets of the city when he was an older kitten.  I found him in a pile of tires at a used car lot.  I took him in, off the streets, and gave him a new home.  He turned out to be a lovable cat and a companion and play mate for Peabody.


Our dogs are on a vaccination program designed for field trial dogs which travel and are exposed to other hunting retrievers. Puppies are wormed at 3, 5, and 7 weeks (if needed) and are started on a vaccination program best suited for the hunting retriever. We give the first Parvovirus and Corona Virus Vaccine (Fort Dodge Duramune Max PC) at 5 weeks.  We give a Puppy Shot (Fort Dodge Duramune Max 5-CVK) at 7 and 9 weeks, and a Kennel Cough vaccination (Fort Dodge Bronchi-Shield III) at 9 weeks.  We recommend all new puppy owners to continue the vaccinations with a Puppy Booster Shot (Fort Dodge Duramune Max 5-CVK/4L) at 12 and 16 weeks and to get a Rabies Shot at 16 weeks.  If the puppy will be trained for hunting, we recommend the vaccine against Lymes Disease (Fort Dodge Lymevax).

We check both parents for brucellosis before each breeding to ensure the future health of our dogs.

Our dogs are OFA certified after their second birthday, and at this time they are also tattooed.  We provide a health guarantee to four months of age for pet quality puppies and to 26 months of age for field trial quality puppies.

Quote for this page:    And in return, dogs give us their all.  It's the best deal man has ever made.  We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare.   - M. Acklam


Bonnie and Jack Bennett

146 Clarks Bluff Road

Glenwood, GA  30428

  Kennel:  912-523-5246 


  Cell:  912-309-2108 

( best number to call is my cell number above )


God Bless America

We feed our dogs Loyall Premium Dog Food


  Our Family   Our Kennel   Our Puppies  Our Location  Pet Boarding   

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